Navigation Tab

  1. BulletDisplays distance and direction to geocache.

  2. BulletUtilizes GPS in the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

  3. BulletFree-rotating simulated compass.

  4. BulletInnovative display of GPS accuracy.

  5. BulletView satellite image of geocache location.

  6. BulletEasy to turn off GPS to conserve battery.

Target Tab

  1. BulletUse any geocache or waypoint as a target.

  2. BulletQuick glance provides overview.

  3. BulletDescription shown in html or text.

  4. BulletView past logs.

  5. BulletAdd your own field notes.

  6. BulletAutomatically shows all other waypoints in phone’s database related to the target.

  7. BulletCreate your own related waypoints.

  8. BulletAll fields editable.

Search Tab

  1. BulletLists all geocaches downloaded to phone.

  2. BulletView as list or on built-in Google map.

  3. BulletSearch text by name or waypoint.

  4. BulletSort by name, waypoint, or distance.

  5. BulletCalculate distance from target or from your location.

  6. BulletSelecting a geocache shows it’s details (just like in the Target Tab).

  7. BulletSet any geocache as a Target.


  1. BulletLimit Searches by:

  2. Bullet  Groups (which you get to assign)

  3. Bullet  Cache Type

  4. Bullet  Cache Size

  5. Bullet  Cache Difficulty

  6. Bullet  Cache Terrain

  7. Bullet  Distance

  8. BulletOptionally Exclude:

  9. Bullet  Non-Cache Waypoint

  10. Bullet  Already Found Caches

Field Notes

  1. BulletEnter notes while in the field.

  2. BulletIncludes date and time.

  3. BulletView a summary sorted by date and time.

  4. BulletCan be used to create log entries.

  5. BulletUpload directly to

  6. BulletPrivate field notes are not uploaded.

Downloading Cache Data

  1. BulletNo need for a computer.

  2. BulletCan be done in the field.

  3. BulletUtilizes built-in browser for all downloads.

  4. BulletSupports both LOC and GPX* file types.

  5. BulletTo download an individual cache:

  6. View cache details and press “GPX eXchange File” button in browser.

  7. BulletTo download multiple caches (pocket query):

  8. File arrives via email. Use any supported webmail provider and download attachment.

  1. * Premium membership required to generate GPX files. Premium membership with is highly recommended to take full advantage of the capabilities of Geosphere.


  1. BulletUseful for organizing many caches.

  2. BulletUnlimited number of groups

  3. BulletYou assign group names

  4. BulletCreate, delete, empty or merge groups.

  5. BulletCaches must belong to at least 1 group.

  6. BulletCan belong to any number of groups.

  7. BulletUploading new cache details will update that cache in all groups to which it belongs.